Supply Chain Management

“The most successful organizations have

lean and effective supply chains that

outperform others on key metrics such as

inventory accuracy, on-time shipping/

delivery, cycle time, fill rates, etc.”


Growing cost pressures, increased market volatility, greater demand for acquisition reform…these are just a few of the challenges facing supply chain managers and decision makers. The cost of inadequate or duplicative processes is huge, often leading to unnecessary spending or unmet needs – or both.

The Artlin Advantage

With vast experience managing global supply chains, Artlin Consulting understands that effective supply chain strategies require a total understanding of each linkage in the chain and how they work together to meet customer requirements. Improving the efficiency of these linkages involves motivating and empowering people to increase the productivity of the workforce, as well as incorporating emerging technologies to reduce costs and to streamline product and information flow.

We help our customers build efficient infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics and synchronizing supply with demand to ensure customer satisfaction upon delivery. Thorough system and performance analyses yield the reliable information upon which we link high-level strategic plans with day-to-day operational actions. With Artlin the results are measurable and sustainable.


Supply Chain Partners

A crucial component of supply chain management is helping channel partners work together to manage the objectives of all functions within a supply chain. Artlin works to improve trust and collaboration among supply chain partners in order to achieve greater cost and schedule efficiencies.

Supply Chain Processes

The key to effectively managing the supply chain process is driving performance through improved flow of materials, information, and capital. Artlin combines objectivity and experience to analyze, design, plan, and implement life-cycle logistics strategies that address customers’ immediate and long-term requirements.

Our success is based on improvements in baseline metrics obtained by measuring defects, delays and returns; mapping organizational processes; tracking and measuring progress; and mitigating ongoing implementation risks.

Our supply chain management functions and capabilities include:

Product sourcing and development Data management
Procurement Sales order management
Manufacturing Quality control
Transportation Maintenance and asset management
Warehousing After-sales service
Inventory management