The following are some examples of the ways in which Artlin Consulting has provided valuable and cost-effective support to its clients:

Acquisition Resources and Analysis – Resource Analysis Support

Client Challenge:

The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition Technology and Logistics (OUSD(AT&L)) oversees a budget of nearly $3 billion annually. The Resource Analysis Office coordinates budgeting and planning across the entirety of AT&L’s budget. The breadth of programming supported by this budget spans the entirety of the Defense community and works to further many of the Department’s core objectives. Careful and accurate resource management and analysis are essential in order to implement a budget of this size.

In a time of fiscal uncertainty, the Resource Analysis Office has found itself under increased scrutiny and tighter budgets, while program requirements and Department objectives remain the same. Therefore, it has become increasingly necessary for greater oversight and more accurate analysis of these resources.

Artlin Solution:

Artlin Consulting’s Mission: to provide analysis, research, and program support to the Resource Analysis Office as it passes through the annual budget cycle. Artlin Consulting conducted program budget realignments and allocated funding across a wide range of programs within the purview of AT&L. In order to promote responsible and accurate distribution of resources, Artlin Consulting analyzed reports of obligations and expenditures and other budget data to increase visibility to senior leadership.

In addition to budget data analysis, Artlin Consulting also brought experience with database system maintenance, upgrades, and training to the Resource Analysis Office. Between the Enterprise Business Accountability System – Defense (EBAS-D) and the Executive Information System (EIS), the Resource Analysis Office requires ongoing support for its databases, without which, the office’s core mission of providing visibility of budget data would not be possible.

Going Forward:

Artlin Consulting will continue to provide OUSD(AT&L) complete and comprehensive support in budget execution and analysis. Artlin Consulting is deeply committed to providing accurate and timely budget data to the Resource Analysis Office and the rest of the Defense community. Artlin Consulting believes that through research, analysis, and increased visibility, budget data can provide senior leadership within the Defense community with the resources they need to make better decisions.


Acquisition Information Repository (AIR) Program Management

Client Challenge:

The Department of Defense is currently working to improve oversight over its trillion dollar Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) and Major Automated Information System (MAIS) portfolios. In order to more efficiently manage MDAP and MAIS programs, the Department launched a series of initiatives to increase Acquisition Visibility. The Department currently holds acquisition information in a variety of formats in disparate locations. The inability to retrieve acquisition documents makes effective oversight and analysis nearly impossible.

Artlin Consulting’s Mission: to facilitate timely access to accurate, authoritative and reliable information, supporting acquisition oversight, accountability, and decision-making throughout the Department for effective and efficient delivery of warfighter capabilities.

Artlin Solution:

To accomplish this formidable task, Artlin Consulting is executing the Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition Technology and Logistics (USD(AT&L)) directive to develop a centralized repository for Acquisition Information. Artlin Consulting has designed and managed the development of the AIR Pilot and has managed the entire program from its inception all the way beyond Initial Operational Capability (IOC). Since declaring IOC, Artlin has worked diligently with the AIR developers to refine requirements and mature the system capabilities with the goal of reaching Full Operational Capability (FOC) by the end of the 2012 fiscal year.

  • The AIR is a centralized and searchable repository where a wide variety of approved Acquisition documentation will be stored.
  • Over time the AIR will become the authoritative source for approved Milestone-centric MDAP and MAIS documentation and will grow to hold tens of thousands of documents.
  • Based on user needs, Artlin developed detailed system requirements and designed a simple and friendly-user interface.
  • Artlin then managed the software development team to ensure that system requirements were wholly reflected by system capabilities.
  • Artlin also developed comprehensive business rules to efficiently bridge system development and operation.
  • To protect sensitive information, Artlin built a comprehensive Security and Access strategy and ensured that the security strategy was properly implemented by both developers and users.
  • Artlin worked closely with user groups to socialize the system, ensuring that both client and user input drove the system development from its beginning to IOC and beyond.

Going Forward:

Over time, AIR will grow to include more document types and will begin to collect ACAT II program information. As the system matures to FOC, Artlin Consulting will begin working on the development of a classified AIR capability which will increase the scope of the system. Artlin will also work to manage the development and implementation of tools that will be able to extract structured data from the unstructured documents currently stored in AIR.


Acquisition Policy Expertise

Client Challenge:

The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition Technology and Logistics (OUSD(AT&L)) has countless policies, memos and white papers on almost every aspect of defense acquisition. This plethora of policy, expertise, and opinion exists in parallel to expansive statute. Thus, the department is continually working to consolidate its vast ocean of policy and to reconcile it with statute.

The Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) is a primary reference tool for the Acquisition community. In most cases, the DAG not only includes the relevant statute and policy, but expands on it to ensure that program managers and OSD staff understand what is required throughout the Acquisition process.

Artlin Solution:

Artlin Consulting’s Mission: to provide analysis, research and writing support for a wide variety of Acquisition policy tasks, the most substantial of which was a rewrite of several chapters of the DAG. To execute the DAG rewrite, Artlin Consulting’s experienced policy advisors built a comprehensive outline that mapped every subsection of each chapter to specific policy and statute. Then, the team undertook extensive research to ensure that the Guidebook was fully compliant and up-to-date. Artlin Consulting paired its research with clear and focused writing to ensure the Guidebook was not only accurate, but easy to read and user-friendly.

The DAG rewrite was only one of many policy tasks that Artlin employees completed:

  • A review of the Department’s new Better Buying Power Initiatives.
  • A Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) Document analysis to determine if Acquisition programs complied with BBP policy and statute
  • A detailed review of department Information Assurance Policy.

Going Forward:

Artlin Consulting will continue to provide OUSD(AT&L) full time and comprehensive Acquisition policy support. Artlin Consulting is heavily invested in Acquisition Visibility and in streamlining the Defense Acquisition Process. Artlin Consulting believes that through detailed research, thorough analyses, and clear writing, the web of Acquisition policy can be slowly unraveled and clarified, promoting increased efficiency in the Acquisition Community.


Acquisition Visibility Program Management Support

Client Challenge:

With Defense budget cuts on the horizon there is a critical need for comprehensive and timely defense acquisition programs data. The objective of the Acquisition Visibility (AV) effort is to provide the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) the tools to make informed cost, schedule, and performance decisions on Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP) and Major Automated Information Systems (MAIS). AV is comprised of multiple data collection, storage and display applications. To meet numerous OSD analytical requirements, AV wanted to accelerate the translation of functional requirements to deployed solutions.

Artlin’s Solution:

Artlin’s management strategy was to facilitate the closer integration of the requirements team with the technical developers. Artlin’s management approach is based on the use of two tools; an implementation strategy and an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). Artlin ensures the right people are assigned to each effort, and that the most efficient technical solution will be pursued before development begins. Artlin co-designed an Integrated Master Schedule to monitor the performance of the entire AV enterprise. The schedule tracks the key events for all of AV’s projects from inception through deployment. At a glance leadership can see the progress of each development effort, and the key steps and time required to execute the project. The schedule provides valuable accountability and transparency across the entire organization.

Going Forward:

Artlin will continue to drive the development of new capabilities, and will ensure the highest quality analytical capabilities are delivered to clients.