Process and Performance Improvement

Budget shortfalls and fiscal constraints continue to challenge federal agencies faced with the choice to either “do more with less” or reduce mission and capabilities to match current funding levels.

Now, more than ever, federal agencies can realize the benefits of process improvement methods and change leadership strategies. Whether you are just beginning your process improvement journey, or you have an initiative in place but need to revitalize the effort, Artlin Consulting’s Process and Performance Improvement (PPI) team is the perfect partner to teach and lead your organization to address today’s environmental challenges and enhance performance.

The Artlin PPI Vision
Our PPI team is comprised of high energy problem solvers who are passionate about partnering with you to achieve process excellence and professional success.

The Artlin PPI Value Proposition
Artlin’s PPI solutions are customized to SERVE you with Simple, Enduring, and Rapid Value to our customers in an Economical fashion.

Process and Performance Improvement (PPI)

Simple – We deliver PPI services using simple, “second nature” problem solving concepts and methods paired with change leadership and motivational strategies.

Enduring – Our methods are designed to be easily taught, adopted and sustained.  We utilize change leadership and motivational strategies as we believe they are critical to the success and sustainability of any transformation effort.

Rapid – Our customized solutions that can be adopted quickly and sustained easily by you to reduce total time on task.

Value – We will enhance your productivity (cycle time, throughput, lead time, inventory, standardization, capacity, delivery) while maintaining or improving current quality and costs.

Economically – We provide PPI expertise using the appropriate “doctor to nurse” staffing mix, meaning that our seasoned industry and process experts are accompanied by sub-teams of junior and/or senior analysts to provide quality service at an affordable price.


Our Body of Knowledge

Too often, companies will promote one specific methodology as “the best” or “the most efficient” or as providing the highest return on investment.  The truth is that many of the process improvement tools and methods are complimentary.  Seldom is there one “right answer” for the approach to use, though there can certainly be a wrong answer.  At Artlin, we embrace all PPI methodologies, and we select them based upon your specific needs.  Artlin PPI consultants excel at analyzing your specific situations and designing an approach to solve your business dilemmas which compliments your culture, values, policies, schedule, budget, and human capital.
The picture below represents the landscape of capabilities we can provide, placed along a spectrum of increasing complexity, scope, and scale of a customer’s potential need.  At Artlin, we can respond to a specific requirement for these capabilities, and we can also customize an approach, aligned to our SERVE philosophy, to meet our customers’ needs.

Process and Performance Improvement (PPI)

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