Organizational Change Management

A study from Oracle states, “Transformation is vital to the success of a business in today’s market.”

While transformational efforts are always well intentioned, many public-sector organizations struggle to succeed because the organizations fail to adequately manage the change, develop executive support and active sponsorship, and obtain staff commitment and buy-in.

Artlin has a breadth of experience working with public-sector leaders and key personnel to fully understand pain points, identify future objectives and goals, develop customized transition plans, and successfully implement new solutions to improve organizations’ effectiveness.

Artlin’s Change Management Approach: Change Management is a structured and proactive process to transition individuals, teams, and organizations from a current-state to a desired future-state to improve operational efficiencies. Change Management considers what is changing within the organization, managing the impact of complex changes and the strain that can accompany them, and supporting people to adapt to new ways of working. By engaging stakeholders, preparing leadership and personnel, and creating an environment that supports process improvements and new technology, Change Management enables organizations to more fully realize their operational goals.

As one-size does not fit all transformations, Artlin works closely with our customers to understand the unique requirements, and leverage that information to develop a customized Change Management Roadmap. Artlin’s Roadmap guides personnel through the change(s) and addresses specific needs along the way to achieve success. Change Management and Communication activities will take place throughout the entire project implementation lifecycle.
The core elements of Artlin’s Change Management roadmap include:

Artlin’s experience partnering with public sector clients to execute both small and large-scale change efforts enables us to leverage industry-leading strategies, best practices, and tools to build and implement fully customized and effective Change Management plans to successfully guide organizations through transformation initiatives.