Business Process Re-engineering

Successful business process redesign achieves efficiency — without losing quality across products, services, and processes — to meet both immediate and long-term objectives.

With budgets sinking and costs rising, public and private sector organizations must constantly improve and innovate to satisfy their customers and to maintain their margins and competitive advantage. Engaging in business process redesign helps organizations equip themselves to succeed today, tomorrow, and in the future. Stagnation in a dynamic marketplace invariably leads to entrenched, inflexible systems that are slow, inefficient, and costly.

Organizations today are focusing more attention and resources on business process management and re-engineering to adapt quickly to changing environments through operational improvements and advances in technology. Movement toward cloud computing, service-oriented architecture, and software-as-a-service is creating more flexible, configured application environments, and delivering tremendous value.

The Artlin Advantage

Artlin provides a unique combination of business process design skills, approaches, and tools to generate value quickly with cost savings, reduced cycle times, and increased quality and customer satisfaction.

Working closely with key stakeholders, we develop detailed process maps to help identify gaps and inefficiencies, define a series of principles to guide the solution generation phase, and create a vision and a road map for incorporating the new process from the ground up.

Effective Business Process Re-engineering Starts with Effective Collaboration

Years of successfully re-engineering business processes has taught us the critical importance of making sure that senior leadership teams and operations executives are fully engaged in and committed to the endeavor. We work to establish clear lines of ownership and accountability so that all stakeholders are on the same page and committed to significant and sustainable improvements in operations.

Standards of Excellence

Artlin helps organizations discover value by increasing transparency and improving efficiency while still ensuring compliance to regulations and standards. Our best-practice-based approach to business process re-engineering spans from design and implementation to monitoring and control, and includes the following:

  • Clarifying the business direction, strategic focus and desired outcomes
  • Defining and scoping vital priorities.
  • Developing an operational model and roadmap
  • Conducting financial analyses & and modeling
  • Conducting a business risk assessment and mitigation plan.